ACCA has redefined online courses and taken it to another to
another level. With more and more students enrolling, it’s a gesture of good
work and positive referrals from one learner to the other about the online
institution. As this system majors on the student’s hard work and dedication,
some learners find themselves stranded in their studies. Among the troubles
encountered as students learn ACCA online include;

Some learners
experience a difficulty in understanding and grasping of learning materials
without tutors assistance.

Most students
lack discipline and self-drive to studying.

Some learners
try to use all avenues of learning instead of choosing one that suits them.
They attempt learning from live videos, forums, download videos and reading
materials at the same time and, in the end, grasping nothing.

planning of their time to adequately prepare for exams.

With such factors in play, ACCA has been upfront in developing
strategies likely to address troubles faced by their learners. These strategies
aid the eager students learn ACCA online with minimal interruptions and
worries and excel in their examinations.

(1) There is a comprehensive syllabus availed to each learner
prior to starting the classes. The students are informed of the content they
will cover, the timelines and what is expected of them as learners. The
students have a general overview of the unit content and can become
psychologically prepared.

(2) ACCA reviews all recommended textbooks to be used during
learning to ensure that it has the right content of what is required to be
covered in the syllabus. There is nothing frustrating like not getting desired
information in textbooks and provided research materials. ACCA continuously
liaise the book providers to update and review desired information to satisfy
quest of learners to new relevant ideas.

(3) Access to previous examination papers has been made easier
and readily available on the institutions website. Students quickly gauge
themselves using those materials to see if they are ready to tackle tests and
discover areas they need slight polishing to pass highly. To learn ACCA
and make the all experience awesome, the websites provide suggested
answers to aid learners gauge and rate themselves without necessarily seeking
the lecturer. This option only make sense to those who use those answers to
build on their knowledge rather than replicate the very responses to their

It is, therefore, important for the administration to liaise
with concerned faculties and departments to provide forums where students
address their concerns and get the responses promptly.