Studying for the ACCA​ APC program enables you to become a chartered and internationally recognized accountant. It increases your prospects of getting employed in any finance related office, plus getting a higher status in the eyes of your clients. So, learn 6 good reasons why you need to study the course.

It is cost effective

Given the skills and knowledge about financial accounting you get after completing the course, no one should ever complain about the costs of enrolling for the program. The course also goes beyond financial accounting, as it equips students with essential knowledge about organizational management and strategy.

It is very comprehensive

Studying ACCA​ with APC, the course is a big boost to your professionalism. Since the course was refined in 2007, students are given extensive training on such topics as; financial reporting. Financial strategies and management decision making. Additionally, most studies whether done online or in schools involve both theoretical and practical work.


First, it does not take a lot of education qualification requirements for you to start studying the ACCA​ APC course. In fact, with just an average high school grade in math, simple understanding of English language and a will to complete the course, you are good to start learning ACCA​. Learning modules for the course are also very flexible, with most schools offering full time, evening classes and online course programs.

Practical Experience

It is compulsory to do practical lessons in any ACCA​ studying program. The good thing is that practical lessons for this program do not have to be done physically. If you are in an online based learning setting, you can still get the practical lessons. Besides, most employers nowadays are more interested in individual’s workplace performance rather than the certificate it. And the ACCA​ qualification program gives you just that.

It is internationally recognized

Wherever you are, you can complete the ACCA​ course with ease knowing that it is acceptable by almost all business organizations. In fact, ACCA​ has been in the forefront of spreading its reach throughout the world by partnering with local and international bodies, governments, the United Nations, education institutions and other international agencies.

It is a recognized measure of competence

Just like having a bachelor’s degree, gaining a certificate in ACCA​ qualification programs gives you an edge anywhere in the business community. The skills you get in communication, strategic thinking and financial accounting makes you a better professional than people without the course.