Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a top notch renowned international professional accounting body founded on the 13th November, 1904 and has its headquarters in London. ACCA currently has a large number of members drawn from different countries which includes students. ACCA maintains its determination to enhance the value of accounting to the society at large by conducting research globally so as to ensure the accounting profession is not barred but continue to grow in reputation and influence.

A person with ACCA qualification sets him or her at a pedestal with a potential employer. One is able to find employment in the business field easily. Apart from the advantage of a better bargaining power with an employer, the qualification broadens the employment opportunities for the holder of such qualification. This is because, you are equipped with invaluable knowledge on finance, accountancy, and the intricacies of tax law in business and generally on proper business ethics. With a maximum of 14 exams, this qualification is designed based on the internationally recognized accounting standards. Many blue chip multinational corporations require their employees to study for this course.

Having said about the benefits of studying for the course, it is important to emphasize on finding a learning institution that provides for ACCA and register for studies and to sit for the qualifying exams. ACCA APC is one of the providers of ACCA among others in the industry. It is a gold learning online site which aids students taking their ACCA exams so as to do them effectively in the manner they answer their questions and enable them to pass. ACCA APC believes in upholding the most profound accounting standards.

Classes can be offered in video tutorials as well as person attendance to class. The tutorials are read and explained diligently to students. Teaching this requires high professional and effective tutelage.

Students have confessed to have equipped themselves with a lot of knowledge from APC and even others have gone far as to claim that they have particularly known how to allocate the exact needed time for each question they are supposed to tackle hence improving their time management skill. If a student is not satisfied with the course offered by APC there is a refund policy which is overseen by ACCA and a student can claim for a refund which only takes 7 working days after the student purchased the course.