I have a friend who, last year, had ‘tarmacked’ for a while searching for employment. I remember very vividly encouraging her to study ACCA courses at APC. Last week, she called me and informed me that she had been successfully selected to join one of the big companies in Hong Kong. She told me that she had been selected solely because she had studied ACCA courses. You may try your luck and you may find yourself lucky as she was. In this paper, I will discuss four reasons why you should study ACCA online courses.

  • Work everywhere around the world. The ACCA profession is not like the ordinary professions that you study so that you earn the competence of practicing in your county, state or country. ACCA courses allow one to gain knowledge so that you can practice everywhere around the world. This is due to the fact that ACCA is an international accountants’ body that covers most all the countries in the world. ACCA qualification and membership will be very helpful for you if you fancy travelling and visiting various parts of the world.


  • All round knowledge. Most people think that ACCA courses are only concerned with accounting and finance which scare off many people. However, their perception is misguided and misinformed. These two, though core, are some of the courses that are available. Global APC teach a wide range of courses that are in accordance with the ACCA syllabus and which include entrepreneurship, business management, business marketing. Some of these ancillary courses may end up being very instrumental in your career life. Who knows?


  • Saves costs. Learning ACCA courses online at Global APC is very cost effective. This is because a lot of expenses that you would incur attending lectures are reduced. For instance, to study ACCA online, you need your computer, a notebook and a pen and do it at home. However, studying in class, you may be required to hire a room near the school and sometimes pay for the bus fare every time you attend class. You can avoid all these.


  • One practicable advantage of studying ACCA is how flexible the course is. ACCA, as noted earlier, has numerous courses that are relevant in running of business entities on a daily basis. For instance, you can learn entrepreneurship which can be very useful should you decide to actualize your business ideas or plans or those of the company you work for.