In fact, outsourcing is the issuing out of a contract of a certain process of business to a third party. Sometimes, it involves the transfer of assets and employees from one given firm to another. Outsourcing is sometimes a very important part of any given business. In some institutions, both the employees are encouraged to have learnt about this particular subject, which can come by attaining certification from courses which include the ACCA and CIMA.

ACCA and CIMA online study

Most of the time, business individuals prefer the study of ACCA online, as well as the CIMA online study. This is specifically due to the flexibility of participating in the online courses. There is no limit at all for the location of your study as long as you are interested.
ACCA, CIMA and outsourcing

In the process of learning of these specific courses, a lot of knowledge is given on the question of outsourcing. They indicate that almost all the tasks in a business establishment have a potential of being outsourced but it does not mean that it should always be a solution.
Jim Lanzalotto, a principal at the marketing and strategic company known as Scanlon Louis, indicates that you should not outsource just because you do not want to do a certain task, and he further states that there are some things that are very important to the core of your business and yet you do not want to do.
In the ACCA online study as well as the CIMA online course, business professionals are urged that before choosing the tasks that they can outsource, there is the need to take a keen look at the business and find out their values and strengths.
Marc Resnic, a Ph.D. holder who is a consultant of small businesses and is also the director of the eminent Institute of Technology Innovation at the Florida International University, mentioned that small businesses ought to recognize their core aptitudes and capabilities and fully focus on their talent, R & D, resources, and management on becoming the best in their trade. He also added that outsourcing any of the core capabilities of a small business might cost it its main customer attraction as the customers will be able to get it from any other establishment.
CMA and ACCA options of outsourcing

After the study of CMA and ACCA whether online or in a traditional classroom, a business professional will realize that the following are the main tasks that are best to be outsourced in an institution:

  • A professional with great expertise that is only needed at specific times in an establishment. For instance, a CFO can be hired to come in only a selected number of times in a month for analysis of the finances and ensure the bookkeeper is precise in his tasks
  • Tasks, which are highly repetitive, for example, data entry and the shipping of inventory.
  • Expert knowledge: a good instance is the IT support specifically for your system of accounting since it might be difficult to afford an IT individual for full time basis, but he or she is needed as your IT needs to be dynamic with time.

Gregg Landers, a director of management of growth at the country’s eighth major accounts and business service provider CBIZ MHIM, is also in concurrence with the mentioned tasks that are best to be outsourced.
A very good point to start finding best outsource providers is from your colleagues other vital professionals; for instance, bankers or lawyers and searching for online networks using Twitter and Facebook. It is important to get the best recommendations before handing any task over to an outsource provider as the selection process is very crucial.