Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is a professional body which offers training and qualification in management accounting. Initially created to develop techniques in enhancing internal control of businesses; today CIMA has grown with over 200000 members all over the word and even more students. This global institute specializes in developing and publicizing new techniques through research and publications.


CIMA and Understanding the World Bank


The World Bank is a global institution created to establish and support global markets. CIMA online study equips students with the necessary knowledge to understand the importance of the World Bank in the global market. The World Bank was established to provide financial support to free countries with similar development goals. It was supposed to match resources internationally to promote a balanced world economy.


As you will learn while studying CIMA online, over the last decade there has been an apparent shift in the world economy as developing countries take a more vital role in directing the world economic performance. Since most systems developed in the past by the World Bank are not structured for such a global set-up, it is vital for major restructuring of these systems. This must be done to prevent this institution from becoming obsolete.


Over the last few years, the World Bank has embarked on restructuring its operations to focus more on providing a wholesome baking experience rather than just offering financial aid. Units in CIMA online study will reveal how developing economies need a firmer and more innovative World Bank keen on implementing development-oriented strategies. Anticorruption efforts need to be improved to make sure that the financial support offered by the institution goes to achieve the intended purpose. Since developing countries are emerging as capable donors, the World Bank has expanded its capital base and moved to tailor its financial products in response to the needs of developing economies.


In recent years, the developed world has had stuttering economic growth; developing economies constitute the larger share in the total world economic growth, with a share of over 66% over the last five years. This shift in the economic performance all over the world necessitates a revamping of the World Bank. You will learn in ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants), which is closely related to CIMA, that new long lasting markets and institutions have to be established to enhance the economic capacity of these countries. This will provide support to sustain the economic growth of developing economies and thus maintain the growth of the world economy.


Lessons in ACCA online study will help you understand the various financing instruments used in enabling business growth such as equity, loans, grants and guarantees. By creating better services aimed at addressing issues facing businesses and the business environment as a whole in developing countries, the institution can cement the progress these economies have made. Through studying ACCA online, you will appreciate that reviewing the representation and operations of the World Bank while enhancing transparency to increase the influence and obligations of developing countries is a welcome step, but more has to be done to enhance the situation.