Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is a worldwide body providing the chartered certified accountant qualification. Students are supposed to complete up to 14 ACCA examinations after which they undergo three years of supervised practice so as to become members of the association. The use of the term Chartered Certified Accountants is legally restricted to those who have fully satisfied the set requirements. All members of the association are required to abide by all set accounting guidelines as determined by the association.


ACCA online study is informative and will be vital in helping students understand how the World Trade Organization (WTO) works. Since this organization requires all its members to sign a treaty on world trade it is important to understand the implications of the treaty, and in this case the USA. ACCA syllabus incorporates a wholesome approach to business and accounting. The law provides an enabling environment for business. The American constitution provides that any international treaty signed is above any other legislation in force over the land. This means that since the USA in a member of the WTO any agreements therein cannot be overruled by any law made in the US.


By studying CIMA online, you will note that since the WTO does not regulate world trade efficiently, the US economy has lost millions of jobs as businesses move their operations to countries where production costs are cheaper. This creates a situation where resources are taken from their source and exported to countries that process them then exported back to their source countries and sold at exorbitant prices.


CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) which is closely related to ACCA also has units carefully set up to allow students understand how by manipulating their currency value China is able to subsidize their exports. The Chinese Yuan is undervalued thus making Chinese exports cheaper than other exports in the world market; this essentially increases the demand for these exports. For instance, you can easily see this by looking up US imports from China whose value has risen from a lowly 84 billion to over 270 billion in the period between 2001 and 2010. Since businesses know that by producing in China their products will be relatively cheaper in the world market, more jobs will continue to be lost in the US.


Further lessons on how the WTO is inefficient in creating a fair global market can be learnt through CIMA online study. There is no regulation from the WTO on things such as child labor, labor rights and even environmental protection; all of which are relevant to business and more so world trade.


It is easy to understand through studying ACCA online how the WTO has let a greedy corporate agenda takeover and has led to the continued reaping of resources from developing countries while providing little in return.