Why Students May Fail Even After ACCA Lectures Online

A percentage of people who sit for ACCA examinations are forced to redo them once the results are out. ACCA lectures online are very helpful to students but there are various practices that will still get you failing. As a student it is up to you to take the initiative to ensure that you pass the exams. There are various practices you may need to avoid to ensure that you pass the exams.

Lack of Planning

You need to plan for your exams and your study schedule. This is something that most students do not do. Your study plan needs to take into consideration all aspects of your day. Your work routine should not coincide with your study routine. Keeping targets is important for your study plan. You set achievable targets and ensure that you meet those targets.


Not familiarizing with exams structure and the syllabus


Getting familiar with the exam structure enables a student to know the examinable areas and those that are not. One mistake students do is to not research on the exam structure. Another mistake is skipping topics that are important. A student should research on the commonly examined topics and they ensure they are familiar with them. You can also ask tutors which topics are examined mostly during ACCA lectures online.


Not understanding the concepts


Accounting examinations focus on how well topics and concepts have been understood. Most students just memorize the concepts instead of understanding and knowing how they are applied. Your revision needs to include how to apply concepts learnt in ACCA lectures online.


Not Practicing


ACCA is a practical course and in order to fully grasp the concepts practice is crucial. Most students only go over their notes once and they are done. Regular practice gets you sharp. You need to practice dong exam questions under exam conditions. This gets you ready for the actual exam situation.


Not answering all the exam questions

The instructions on the exam paper often vary but it is important to answer all questions as required. Once in the exam room students make the mistake of only answering questions they are full familiar with. This is a mistake. As a student you need to attempt all questions. You should ensure that you have fully answered the questions that you are familiar with. At the end of the paper make sure that you have attempted all the questions as required. Do not leave a question fully answered.