ACCA Online Exam In order for someone to qualify as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, he or she must take up a number of ACCA Online Exam during each exam period. Passing will eventuate to being a qualified member of the ACCA. The exams are regulated by the international body and are registered online through MyACCA account by students who wish to receive such prestigious qualification on their resume. The ACCA Online Exam is set and marked at Oxford Brookes in the United Kingdom. The body provides for examination period for students every year. They are sat for in March, June, and September and in December. Prior to the exam dates, it is incumbent on the student to consider and read through the ACCA examination regulations to avoid disciplinary issues which could lead to cancellation. The ACCA course has three major parts. The first part is administered through three exam papers that a student ought to sit for. The second has six examinable papers that a student ought to sit for. The last and final part has six papers but the students only sits for three of the 6 papers and thereafter proceed to become a member of the ACCA. Essentially, there is no limit to the number of papers that one can sit for at one exam period but it is advisable to sit not more than four. It is imperative for the student to pay for the exams on time as late examination registration leads to being overcharged. The pass mark for ACCA exams is 50% in each paper one sits for. Therefore it is important for a student to adequately prepare timely. One can get reading materials from the ACCA website to help in studying. They include study guides, past exam papers of different units done by students come in handy especially in getting to know the kind of questions set by the examiner. The ACCA has over 400 examination centres around the globe. They are operated by the ACCA during each examination period. A student is able to find the examination centres around his area by logging into his My ACCA account and choosing the ‘exam entry’. Upon doing this, the student is able to get the various exam centres where he can sit his exams at. The examination results are in most cases released two months after sitting for the papers. The results are accessed through the student online account.