There is no doubt that being an accountant is still one of the prestigious professions in the world no wonder there has been an increase for accounting course such as ACCA. Lucky enough, the mode of study especially via the internet has even made the course easily available to thousands of students across the world. That is probably the reason ACCA online course has gained a lot of fame over the past few years. It has opened an avenue for those who want to do accounting courses at their own convenience without necessarily going to a regular college. This has mainly been attributed to technological advancement where the whole world has been turned into a global village. Anyone willing to undertake the ACCA course can do it at the comfort of their homes under professional tutors across the globe.

But do you really understand the criteria or even the qualification of being registered as an ACCA student? Well, if you are not very sure this article will indeed be a godsend to you. Generally, ACCA is a prerequisite established by the world body of accountants in full, Association of Certified Chattered Accountants which is basically purposed for enhancing and growing of ethical talent among the upcoming accounts professionals. The qualifications involve a clearly laid out syllabus that is aimed to equip students with relevant and contemporary issues in the business world today. The ACCA syllabus is divided into various modules although some students are exempted because maybe they have higher qualifications as compared to ACCA’s minimum requirement.

Some students often are made to believe that there is a difference between taking an ACCA online course and going to a regular college. However, the truth is that the difference is similar because the same syllabus that is used by tutors in the regular college is the same one that students studying via online are taken through. If anything, students taking their course via online are in most cases in a better position because of the way they are taught. It is a more leaner-centered experienced as opposed to learning in regular colleges.

Finally, ACCA online course presents a unique opportunity for students to interact with professional tutors who in turn impart them with necessarily accounting skills. The good thing about studying ACCA via online is that you have the chance to dictate your timetable. In addition, you also choose your own tutors making it even more convenient for people who have tight schedules.