ACCA Course Online

The ACCA course online provided by A.P.C is one that guarantees you full syllabus coverage and keeps you confident enough to tackle and pass your exams. They have the latest syllabus coverage as approved for the Sept/DEC2015 semester. Following the approved syllabus is a fundamental part of making sure the learner passes. The tutors are also qualified to handle ACCA course online students.

The Global APC has taken extra care in hiring professional experts that are among the best in the industry. The examiners are also up to date with the examination techniques and strategies that they will ensure to pass on to you.

Reading online has a lot of advantages you are sure to enjoy. The main idea is that you get to learn from anywhere. You will not be limited to a physical classroom or one physical location. It can also be done at your own convenience. This means that you get to do other activities and then get online at the time you choose and start your course. All this can be achieved with the ACCA course online.

The study platform offered by Global APC is student friendly and ensures you can easily manoeuvre around it. It is quite easy to use with a structured learning plan that ensures the syllabus is covered fully. The study platform is also innovative and is a pass guarantee for its users.

Global APC is an approved ACCA course online provider. They have up to 95% pass rate and provide HD video and Live online courses. They use a consolidation approach that is easy to follow with great results. At the end of the units the students get a mind map summary that improves understanding of the unit.

The online course offers one electronic package study notes and tuition summary videos. It also includes 14 hours per paper for question based revision. Other than that students get 2 hours of last minute revision. The deal gets better with 5 sessions per paper for case study lectures. The tutors are available for support with mock exams that are also graded. Global APC also give exam tips for students and a certificate at the end of the course. All this ensures that the student is fully prepared for the papers they are scheduled to sit for at the end of the semester.