There are many advantages of taking an ACCA course whether online or in a regular college or University. However, the reason why many people now days opt for ACCA online study is because of convenience. Most people may be willing to take an extra course such as ACCA but because they cannot juggle between attending a regular class with their work, online study therefore remains as the best choice. The good news is that the same syllabus used in regular college is the same one used by online tutors so there is no cause to worry. But the question is, are you qualified for the ACCA course? Some student’s applications to undertake the course end up being rejected simply because they did not take their time to review ACCA’s selection criteria and qualifications.

If you have any foundation in accounting or graduated from any recognized institute by your ministry of education or have at least 2 A-levels and passed then you definitely qualify to register as an ACCA student. There is usually a fixed amount of money that each student is required to pay in order to facilitate the administration and processing. Besides, the exams are usually done at least twice a year and a student is required to get a pass at least before moving to the next state and failure of which will require that you repeat for the exam which you failed before you are allowed to proceed.

Many people do not actually realize the benefit of qualifying as an ACCA student whether through a regular college or via ACCA online study. The following are just but a few of these benefits.

  • Versatility in terms of career. You will be able to venture into various business career opportunities.
  • It gives employers confidence that you can do the job perfectly because you were able to go through all the ACCA stages without failing.
  • Most large organizations require their employees especially in the finance department to have ACCA qualifications before they are hired.
  • Lear5ners are not only imparted with class knowledge but also have a chance to put into practice what they learn in class.

In a nutshell, ACCA course brings a lot of benefits to the learner regardless of the mode of study. Nonetheless, most people have come to prefer ACCA online study because of its convenience. Besides, it presents an opportunity in which the learner can openly interact with tutors in a manner that is rarely observed in regular colleges and universities.