Most learners who wish to add an extra accounting certificate to their file of career achievements always consider studying ACCA classes. The main issue however arises in trying to determine if they should study for the course online or in center classrooms. Stick with me for the next few minutes as we evaluate the pros and cons of each study method.

Studying ACCA online has its many benefits but it also has got some limitations. To start with, studying online gives you the chance to acquire the extra accounting skills when you couldn’t afford the time to attend a center classroom. It saves you on both time and resources that you would need if you were to attend conventional classrooms. Additionally, online classes give you convenience and flexibility since you don’t have to care about attending classes anymore. From the convenience of your sofa, you are able to interact with your lecturer, receive classroom notes and prepare for your exams without having to worry about getting late for classes or paying for books.

On the other hand, ACCA online classes are short but comprehensive, which means that you get the necessary skills that everyone else gets by attending conventional classrooms but at a shorter period of time. In fact, it is also possible to have the number of courses you learn reduced if you provide your degree certificate in a business or finance related field. Besides, when you study online, you receive all the notes, prerecorded lectures, past examination papers and guidance documents that help you pass your papers without having to hire a tutor.

The only limitation with online classes is that you may not always get the convenience one gets by studying physically. Attention may be limited and it might seem boring to study on your own. And that’s why people sometimes still stick with center classrooms even when they are more expensive. Day time classes also enable you to have more access to ACCA libraries, revision documents and other material that may be availed in the classroom. Besides, studying with other people seems fun all the time, and getting help when you most need is always possible.

However, the most evident limitation to learning in conventional classrooms is that they are inconvenient to people who work or to those committed with other things. And in the end, you realize that ACCA online might be the future of accounting studies.