Have you ever studied ACCA? If you have perhaps have an idea of how studying ACCA can be fun and amazing. ACCA study is comprises a study of different units arranged in six modules after completion of which you become a fully qualified ACCA professional. Today, I will share my experience while studying ACCA course.


To qualify to attempt ACCA study, one does not need to have the IQ status of Albert Einstein or Steve Hawking. I applied to the ACCA examining body and since I had satisfied their requirements, I was allowed to sit for their exams. However, you need to have passed high school.


The most interesting thing I experienced was the fun I had while attending ACCA classes. ACCA study was made up of classes which were enjoyable. Our tutors would crack jokes about the greatest philosophers and thinkers in economy such as John Stuart Mill, Max Weber and Adam Smith and how they think their economic theories were foolish and dumb or even excellent. Other tutors would crack jokes about how some of us would be sleeping in class instead of listening steadfastly to our lecturers. In one occasion, one of our tutors joked about how some of us would be accountants in various firms and when faced by hard assignments we remember the slumbering and dozing off in class. That made us become very attentive otherwise we would soon be found to be inadequate.


In class, we were given numerous assignment exercises to ensure that we sharpen our understanding. The assignments covered all the units in the six modules of ACCA. Doing mathematics was the most exciting experience. This was made so because I enjoy doing mathematics. The ACCA study involves doing mathematical problems and finding solutions using theories only acknowledged in mathematics. The units in which mathematics was the main component such as Quantitative Skills, Taxation, Financial Management and financial reporting ensured that I enjoy my ACCA study. If you love doing mathematics, perhaps, ACCA study is your thing.

Exams. I must admit that exams really made my stomach rumble most of the time. Most of my friends too were afraid just like everyone is about exams. However, we realized that our fears were baseless since if one read what was required by the ACCA study syllabus, one would pass the exams. It was my joy to pass the exams in the six modules of ACCA study.