ACCA courses online is a great way to get an accountancy certification whilst still doing other things with your life. This is so because, the classes can be taken part time and they adequately prepare you to pass the examinations. The course may require one to engage in group work in some of the units that are taught. Other than that, group work is an important for any course and not just the ACCA online training. It is often a great way to do revision.
In an online class, getting group work to work out well for you may be a bit tricky. These tips are a guide on how the experience can be made better by getting your group members to collaborate.
1. Ensure that there is dialogue among the group members – This is an important part of the group. The only way you get to structure a way for your group to work is to dialogue. It is often tempting to assign questions to each group member instead of discussing them together. This may seem good but it is not a good idea.
2. Understand the purpose of the activity you have been given – the ACCA courses online is not a social subject but an accountancy one. It is thus important to understand the purpose of all group assignments that you have been given in order to carefully work out a plan on how to do it. This will help you understand how the projects have been aligned and how they contribute to your learning goals for the course.
3. Ensure you all have access to digital platforms – This may seem unnecessary since you are taking an online course and have access to the platforms. It is however necessary for your case to ensure you all have access in your group as you engage o study ACCA online.
4. Make use of your instructor – Even as a group in your ACCA courses online group work you may still experience some problems that you may not be able to solve. It is always important to refer back to your instructor. This not only saves time but also increase your understanding of the subject.
Cooperation and collaboration in the group work is a great strategy as it helps all of you to accomplish your one goal which is to pass the ACCA exams that are due.