Though education is not an easy and cheap undertaking, it is said to be a key to many opportunities. It always has to take hard work, dedication, sacrifice as well as incurring an expense to get something desirable in return. All this factors only seek to ensure that you are suitable for the job market hence for your own benefit. The ACCA course is not an exception as it also takes a lot for one to excel in terms of requirements, qualifications, expectations and level of efforts. The ACCA course generally covers the following areas of educational interest to boost your confidence and chances of working in your dream organization.


  • ACCA course exams are divided into professional and fundamental levels all of which aim at contributing to your competence. The fundamental level comprises of knowledge and skills modules. The knowledge module covers areas of management and financial accounting while the skills module covers the technical areas of accounting. The professional level on the other hand makes you well versed with ethical issues in business operations.
  • ACCA course requires one to acquire practical experience in a relevant workplace. This seeks to ensure that you are fully prepared for the job market as a professional by making you able to apply the knowledge you gain from studies to the workplace.
  • The ACCA course also requires you to achieve various performance objectives as a part of fulfilment of the practical experience requirement. This act as a guideline to what is expected of you. This objectives are professionalism, ethics, personal effectiveness, business management, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting and performance management, financial management, audit and assurance and finally taxation. This performance objectives are going to equip someone with all the desired attributes of an accountant or even a financial advisor on the basis of competence, personal attributes, professionalism and ability to work in any environment.
  • ACCA course has minimum entry requirements that only take one’s passion to be able to make it. Entry requirements stipulate that one can start at any level though it is advisable that one to start at the introductory certificate if you have no formal qualifications. This is going to make you perform better in the higher level exams.


All this only aim at building a personality to be useful and to change the business world in a positive way.