An ACCA qualification is a true prize for any accountant out there. It allows you to choose the organization that you would like to work for and the accounting role that you would like to take on in that organization. The entire ACCA APC qualification places a very strong emphasis on professional governance, ethics and values. This happens to be very essential as the profession is looking to move onto strengthened legislation, regulation and codes of conduct. As a matter of fact ethics and professionalism are actually examined at the top most level of getting this qualification. They also form a very integral part of the practical experience module.

To become a fully-fledged ACCA member, there are a number of requirements that you ought to meet. These include:
At least five of eth total of fourteen exams that require to be completed for the qualification. The good news is that it is possible for one to get exempted for nine of these exams. The exemption is granted if you are found to have relevant qualifications of the same level. Bear in mind though that you will need to submit proof that you actually have these qualifications so that you can be exempted from these exams.
Have 36 months or 3 years’ experience in a role relevant to the accounting field.
Having completed the entire module for professional ethics.

While studying ACCA APC so as to get the full ACCA membership, there are quite a number of qualifications that you can also get as you move on to the full membership. This is a good idea as it will help you to show employers that you have the relevant skills and knowledge. It is also a good way to make sure that you remain motivated and focused. Listed below are some of the qualifications that you can get:
Applied Accounting – BSc (Hons) degree
Accounting and Business Diploma
Accounting and Business Advanced Diploma

Before you register for any ACCA APC, ensure that your Maths and English skills are at their best. These are some of the fundamentals that are checked for to confirm whether or not you are eligible for this course. There are a number of self-check modules available on the internet for confirming this. You can complete these modules online and get to know whether you qualify. The modules will also allow you to practice and be able to get to the level where you need to be.