As in many other situations and courses the teaching practice undertaken by the teacher or the facilitator often have an influence on the student’s learning experience. Some ACCA online lectures use a lot of power point presentations while other do not. This will depend on the facilitator who is teaching you the course. The use of power points has a number of benefits for the teacher and the student as it helps to shape the learning experience for the student. It helps to redefine what the lecture consists of, how the lecture looks like and how the lecture is experienced.

PowerPoint presentations are used regularly these days and it is thus important as an ACCA online lecture attendee to understand the various benefits you can get from it.

  • Helps with content organisation, learning and note taking – Organizing your work as you study is important as you get to know where to start and how different analogies relate to each other. You can use power points as a student to present your notes or they can be used by the lecturer as part of the note giving process. Either way, they are great way to take down notes and also learn since everything is well organized and the notes are simplified for easy reading and learning.
  • Simplified material – The power points given in ACCA online lectures often come in handy especially when is revising for their exams. The information on the slides is often simplified down to bullet points and one can read them easily. However, the simplified materials requires one to have read the whole module first since the slides may only highlight the main points that one should know.
  • Graphically impressive – the slides used in power point presentations often have graphically impressive designs. These often serve to spark the learner’s interest as they are not looking at a dull page in a text book. As the learner you can use this to raise your interest and motivate you to read more on the chapter. They also make it easy to listen and follow along as the lecture continues. Online classes require the students full attention and the power point presentations often facilitate this.

The power points are however dangerous when used excessively in classes as they encourage passitivity in the student. They should not be used as the only source of information by the student since most only contain a few points that the student needs to learn.