Majority of people in this era are interested in building their career in accounting. This can be attributed to high pay for accounting jobs and the prestige involve in accounting profession. One important way to start a career in accounting or advancing it is by taking ACCA professional course which helps individuals to build an edge in accounting career.
ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Association) is the global body that trains students to become skilled accountant professionals in different aspects of accounting. ACCA courses add great value to accounting professional career due to their excellence in study materials and lectures.
The institute has centers in multiple countries giving students from different parts of the world an opportunity to earn ACCA qualifications. But for those countries that do not have ACCA centers, the internet has given their citizens a chance to get ACCA courses and qualification online. Accounting Practice Center (APC) is one of such online platform which is approved by ACCA as a gold learner provider to offer ACCA courses. The following are some benefits of pursuing ACCA with APC online;

You get trained by professional Tutors
In APC, ACCA course are taught by qualified accountants who have specialized knowledge and expertise in the field of accounting and auditing. By enrolling for ACCA with APC, you will get an opportunity to join and interact in live online sessions with these professional tutors just like in a real classroom.

You can watch training videos wherever you are
Depending on what paper you are taking or preparing for its exam, you will always get HD tuition videos that enable you to learn where you are in the world and pass ACCA exams. The videos are offered for each paper that ACCA offers to students worldwide.

You get support from APC tutors
APC has tutors who are dedicated to the welfare of their students. The tutors offer online support for 24 hours a day, making it easy for students to consult and be mentored by tutors to pass in their exams. Examination tips are also given to students as they prepare for their exams making it easy for students to pass their professional exams.

You get APC certification
After successfully completing your ACCA course with APC online, you get APC certificate which proves that you have completed the course. The certificate is easily accessible online at the click of a button and makes you stand out among many other job seekers in accounting field.
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