Similar to all other professions in the world, accounting has quite a number of professional associations and organizations charged with the responsibility of providing prospective accountants with the networking, training, credentialing and all other resources that they need. These associations usually cover a whole range of different accounting careers. Two good examples of these associations would be the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).
These two organizations are global associations charged with the responsibility of meeting the needs of professional accountants. They however have one very distinct difference. The CIMA is specific to accountants looking to specialize in management accounting while ACCA accommodates all kinds of accountants. ACCA can generally be described as an educational resource that provides one with a global MBA degree and a qualification in the general accounting profession. Apart from that, ACCA serves to sponsor one diploma and four certificate programs in international public sector accounting standards, international auditing and international financial reporting. In the event that you are looking to get into general accounting, it would be good for you to enroll for ACCA courses online today.
CIMA on the other hand concentrates more on professional certification. It provides one with a CIMA qualified professional designation that is three leveled. Candidates bearing the CIMA certification normally begin at the operational level after which they proceed onto the management level after which they get to proceed onto the strategic level. The candidates are required to pass four exams in each of three levels.
To be able to enroll for CIMA, one is required to meet certain formal education and professional experience requirements. CIMA also works to provide it members with quote a number of events including workshops, seminars and conferences. ACCA only requires their candidates to have good work experience to be initially qualified. There are actually a number of ACCA program that do not come with any minimum requirements.
In a nutshell, ACCA would be good for someone who is just starting to dip their foot in the water that is the accounting profession. CIMA on the other hand works better for professionals who have chosen which path in the accounting field they want to take. As can be seen ACCA requires less concentration and less time. The good news is that you can even get to save more time and money by taking ACCA Courses online. You will not have to physically attend any classes but you will still be able to get the certification.