Enrolling To Foundation Level, ACCA Online Lectures
There is a misconception that ACCA is designed for only those with a background in accounting related courses only. This is because only the Fundamental and Professional levels are widely known because they require a particular qualification to enroll. If you interested in taking a course with ACCA from square one, then it time to register for ACCA online lectures at a Foundations level. This is a basic level that introduces you specifically to the Finance sector, and you gain some insights on skills and techniques involved here. You may be quick to disregard this first step as irrelevant, but it can expose you to opportunities like becoming a trainee accountant or an administrator at merely that first step. Isn’t in encouraging?
At this Foundation level, you get four awards on a successful completion. The awards are;
1.              Introductory Certificate in Financial Management – This is an optional initial certificate made up of two major courses namely; recording financial transactions and management information.
2.              Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management – This too consists of two necessary courses namely; managing finance and costs and maintaining financial records.
3.              A Diploma in Business and Accounting – This is the third award and includes three papers; Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Business Accountant. In addition, you will have to take an online ethics module plus a Foundation Professionalism unit. On a successful completion of this diploma, you can move to the known fundamental level without having to take the first three exams.
4.              A Certified Accounting Technician – To qualify here, all you need is to pass the above three awards in addition to two exams chosen from Financial Management, Audit or Tax. The choice is upon you, and you will have to take a one-year practical experience in a finance role in a reputable organization.
The time taken to complete this foundation level depends on the pace you set for yourself. The first three awards can be achieved in one year as the exams are available on-demand since the assessments are computer based. The early you demand them, the shorter time you will take to complete. Having such skills is important in the current competitive job market. Take the first step and enroll to Foundation level ACCA online lectures and shape your career early enough. All skills you require here and will be tested are English and Math skills only. The test for the two skills is optional, though, and the results are anonymous.