While doing exams is not a big thing to some people, knowing that you are not prepared for the exams can definitely give you a migraine. So, get some resource tips of how to prepare for ACCA exams with Steve.


Most schools and online programs that offer ACCA do provide learning kits to their learners. These kits often have questions and answers to use when revising for exams, past examination papers and summary notes designed to guide the learners for the specific units where students tend to have problems with. Kits are one good resource for learners to use when preparing for exams; they have been tested and do work.

Audio CDs

Sometimes it sounds funny to learn math on an audio CD, but ACCA with Steve is more than that. The course program has so many theory notes and practical lessons which can be tested in an exam. You just need to purchase a resourceful CD, and passing your exam could be as easy as ABC. In addition, you can acquire interactive CDs. These ones are a little bit different in that they help you prepare for exams in form of question formats. They present the question and then offer the correct responses immediately.

Flash cards

Their content is offered in a similar format to that of CDs. It is abridged in nature but what matters most is the content therein. Besides preparing for ACCA exams on your own with CDs and exam kits, there are other resources that you should know of.

Attending workshops

Some schools or tutors organize for workshops where candidates for ACCA exams can attend to revise notes and review past examination questions together with experts. Workshops often cover so much content in just a few hours, a strategy that is mostly effective when preparing for exams.

Revision classes

The difference between someone who enrolls for a revision class and one who doesn’t is big. Learning here reinforces a lot of content studied throughout the course program, with tutors and lecturers highlighting every area that can be tested in an exam. Learning can also be personalized in revision classes, which can be a good idea for someone with little coursework content.

Online studying

It is very possible to revise for acca exams online and pass excellently. You can either register with an online tutor or revise for the exams on your own with Internet provided material.

Start studying ACCA with Steve at Global APC today to pass.