Have you ever arrived class late and find that your old conservative professor deny you your right to enter the class and learn just like all other students regardless of the time that they arrive class? ACCA online classes will save you the wrath of that old nagging professor as he will not have control of the time that you should get in or when to hold the class. Today I will strive to identify four core things that you need to know about ACCA online courses.

  1. a) ACCA Qualifications. ACCA online courses are subject to the qualification restrictions that are set by the Association of Certified and Chartered Accountants. These standards set by the ACCA usually apply globally and such must be complied with. Therefore, one that is studying ACCA courses must ensure that they are qualified to sit for those exams whether online or otherwise. It is therefore prudent that one finds out whether they are qualified to sit for those exams to avoid being lied to by course providers.
  2. b) ACCA online classes are as effective as ACCA lectures conducted in an ordinary classroom or lecture hall. This is given by the fact that ACCA course providers are required to comply with statutory teaching standards that apply across the board. They therefore provide sufficient materials for the students to learn, appropriate revision materials and qualified lecturers or tutors. However, some unscrupulous providers have used ACCA online course platforms to offer poor bargains to the students. Therefore, one must scrutinize keenly the ACCA online course provider to avoid bad bargains.
  3. c) ACCA online classes have the same esteem as ACCA classes conducted in a lecture hall. They offer the same material and have similar course syllabuses. Further the exams done by the students of both types of ACCA courses are the same.
  4. d) Live lectures. The best ACCA online classes are conducted live where the student and the tutor can engage in live conversations in order to enable the student to grasp everything taught in the class. Since tutors are mostly online, they can provide assistance to their students in time unlike in normal ACCA classes where students have to wait for their tutor to attend class sessions. However, an upshot that ACCA online classes is that a student can rewind or listen to the class severally even after the class was held sometime before.