A good number of you will agree with me that having an online ACCA course is one of the most efficient ways to attain mastery in accountancy. It is for this reason therefore that Lesco Group Ltd, a renowned accounting practicing center, was born. In the recent years, this learning fraternity has received global recognition and acclamation for its prowess and ingenuity in equipping students with knowledge as far as accounting is concerned. Quite a good number of great accountants in the world’s biggest of companies have passed through Lesco Group Ltd thus for those who dream to be accountants, Lesco Group Ltd is indeed the ideal and most prestigious entity for you to sharpen your accounting skills at.

So why should I pursue an online ACCA course at APC? This is the question that am sure is recurring in the minds of many people. Stick around as I shed more light on this. First and most importantly, this accounting practicing center is fully approved and accredited to provide ACCA classes by the regulatory and oversight global body. You need not doubt of its authenticity or legitimacy. Upon graduation, you will be sure that your accreditation is genuine. Furthermore, students get the exposure High Definition infographic videos and Live and at the same time interactive online courses. This type of exposure is aimed at improving the understanding and mastery of accountancy for the desired results at the end of it all.

The syllabus coverage is done comprehensively and on time. This is made possible with a very good and innovative study platform that is well customized to suit each and every ACCA student. The beauty of taking up an online ACCA course is that you can study anywhere regardless of your location. It could be in your home, at your office, as you travel in the comfort of your car or even during your lunch breaks if you are the type of person that keeps a very tight schedule. This plays a huge role in contributing immensely to the success of many students.

APC boasts of having a team of experts that have the responsibility of tutoring students and providing guidance in the event that students find it necessary. Students are warranted of passing upon completion. This has been made possible by the dedicated and determined tutors who have the passion of seeing students excel. With a high passing rate of 95%, students rarely get retakes thus making Lesco Group Ltd the best. Enroll today.