Taking your ACCA online study should be too hard if you know how to do it well need how to plan your time. You need to not only find a good tutor but also to get all the relevant materials. ACCA exams can be tricky and getting all the study you can is always advised. There are various strategies you should implement in order to be able to successfully finish your study successfully.

  1. Have an objective oriented approach – This applies to all studies and not just your ACCA online study. Try and set goals you need to achieve each time you settle down to study. They should be achievable goals such as reading a chapter each day or completing a certain number of questions for your revision.
  2. Understand the concepts – Each topic you study will have an underlying concept. It is important in your ACCA online study that you understand these concepts. This also helps in your exams since having knowledge of the underlying concepts you can be able to answer any questions.
  3. Ask for Assistance – This may hard especially if you are undertaking an online course since the tutors are not available 24/7. You should however have an avenue where you can get assistance when you need one. This is important since you may not remember all the concepts taught to you in your ACCA online study and asking for assistance will help you understand. You can also form groups for study with other people who are taking the same course. This way you can share ideas and help each other.
  4. Use past papers – In most cases the questions asked in ACCA examinations may differ from each other but the concepts being tested may be the same. Using past papers for your practice can help you fully understand the said concepts and eventually pass your exams.
  5. Look out for examiner reports – This is important especially when using past papers for your revision. You will get to learn the areas that students failed at and also the most likely areas to be tested. Examiners reports will also highlight the areas that most students make mistakes in. This can act as a guideline for you as you revise and train on how to avoid the mistakes in the said areas. You can also look out for marking schemes to show you exactly how you should answer the exam questions.