P5 Advanced Performance Management

Why Study ACCA P5 with APC?

Here at APC, We have helped more than 1,500 students pass their P5 Exams worldwide. APC is ACCA Gold Learning Provider and all of our courses are approved by ACCA. We have worked with many expert tutors to deliver online courses helping you pass the upcoming P5 exam. Average APC Pass Rate for ACCA P5 in June2014: Around 76%. Please see the Demo Lecture by our award winning tutors as well as the ACCA F7 Courses you will receive after you have become our students.

ACCA P5 Course Content (Basic/Super Package)

1: Pre recorded HD Videos by Steve (Both Basic+Super Package)

Chapter 1 Introduction to Advanced Performance Management

Video Name Duration
Introduction to Advanced Performance Management 0:06:33
P5 Exam Structure and Time Management 0:06:29

Chapter 2 Value Based Management

Chapter 3 Costing Methods

Chapter 4 Budgeting

Chapter 5 Decision Making

Chapter 6 Performance Management

Chapter 7 Current Issues

2: Pre Recorded Super Summary Videos by Ian Janes(Super Package)

8 Sessions Super Summary Videos

Course Content
Session1: Introduction to P5 as well as exam techniques
Session2: Planning Stage part1
Session3: Planning Stage part2
Session4: Decision making part1
Session5: Decision Making part2
Session6: Controlling Stage part1
Session7: Controlling Stage part2
Session8: Current Issues and Tips

3: Final Revision (Super Package)

Final Revision (Super Package)

Final Revision will be updated from August for Sept Exam and from October for DEc2015 Exam.

4: Case Study Course Lectures (Super Package)