Quick but Effective ACCA Online Exam Study Guide

Quick but Effective ACCA Online Exam Study Guide
Basically, there are about five steps to effective examination preparation. As always however, planning should be your first step. Getting a timetable for instance and planning on how you are going to study each subject is always the beginning to an effective examination plan. It is not different with preparing for the acca online exam. You have to take your papers seriously as you will see in the next few minutes if you wish to pass with the first trial.
Plan Early
Once the examination dates have been communicated to you by your lecturers, the next step is to formulate a plan on how you are going to prepare for them. Don’t wait till the last minutes for you to make an exam timetable. Instead, make the timetable to three weeks ahead; decide early on whether you will join an exam revision group or whether you will hire an online tutor to help you through. So, why is it important to get prepared early? Why draft the timetable way ahead of others? Simply put, planning and starting your acca online exam preparation early is more likely to lead to success than when you start your preparations late.
Use ACCA Approved Study Text Books
You may have dozens of accountancy related study books, but if none of them is recognized by the acca examination body, chances are those books won’t help you much while studying for your papers. On the contrary, most questions you can expect in the acca online exam come from books approved for study and revision purposes by acca. Also, don’t rely on the course work alone. Sometimes going that extra mile to revise acca approved study books could help extend your skills immensely.
Seek Help
One of the biggest challenges of studying online is that at times you can’t really get immediate assistance when you need it. But in the case where you already know when you will do your exams, you can always look for help from your lecturers, tutors, fellow students and study books. After all, seeking help is never an embarrassing thing. In fact, most acca online lecturers and tutors are trained to help people like you pass in their exams.
Finally, go through previous years’ exam papers and their marking schemes, so that you are acquainted on what to expect and what the examiners will really be after in your answers.