Getting an ACCA qualification is a very good thing about anyone who is looking to pursue a career in the field of accountancy. Apart from giving you professional recognition, ACCA will also work very well to grow your skills and knowledge in the area of accounting. Given below are reasons as to why studying ACCA with APC is always a good idea.
Cost effectiveness
It happens to be an extremely cost efficient and cost effective way of gaining professionalism and increasing knowledge. Apart from being equipped with specialized knowledge in accounting and finance, you as a candidate will also be able to gain very valuable skills in organizational strategy and management. In a nutshell it very easily increases your career prospects.
It works very well to equip you with not the management and technical skills required to do a good accounting job. Studying this course will help you to gain quite a number of competencies that will greatly benefit you as part of any finance team. The qualification will allow you to rise to great levels in various areas such as financial strategies, financial reporting and management decision making. The exams that are given for this qualification are not simply written papers; they also include practical case studies which will help you to also gain practical skills.
Recognition in all corners of the world
The ACCA body has managed to build very good relationships with a good number of influential organizations all over the world. These organizations include entities like the World Bank and The United Nations, local and multinational companies, governments, accounting bodies and educational institutions. These relationships have made it much easier for people with ACCA qualification to get through so many doors all over the world. The qualification is well known and well accepted the world over.
Status as a Professional
Business partners and employers all over the world have a very good understanding of this qualification and they give it so much respect. The demand for accounting and finance officers with the ACCA qualification is very high all over the world. Having this qualification will make people view you as a professional and it will make it much easier for you to get a job anywhere in the world.
From the above it is very clear that studying ACCA with APC is a very good option for any accountant who is looking to take their career to the highest heights possible!