ACCA refers to the qualifying exam that is usually given to people in the accounting profession. It has risen greatly to become one of the most of the popular accountancy certifications; it is actually growing to become the global standard. In a year, the ACCA exam is done twice; in the month of June and in the month of December. It is possible for one to take ACCA online courses. It is also possible for one to register themselves for this exam online. It is however imperative that all your documentation are provided to the ACCA authorities six months prior to the scheduling of the exam. This will work to ensure that you are included in the examination list. Available online is also the MyACCA personalized portal. This is a great platform that allows you access to all the study materials that you will need to prepare yourself for the exam. Available also are some communications relevant to the doing of the exam and also tips on how to succeed in the exam.
Follow the steps below to successfully register yourself for the ACCA examination:
Log onto the internet and go to the ACCA registration page.
Once on this page, look for the link that will direct you to the ACCA qualifying examination
Carefully read through the pre-order instructions provided. This is very important as you do not want to miss out on any important detail that might make it impossible for you to sit for the exam. Please bear in mind that you will require to make full payment before you are allowed to continue with the registration. After you are done with that, select proceed.
Select the radio button that is right in front of the test option that you want and then select proceed.
Fill your personal data into the ACCA initial registration form and then select the email preference; select proceed.
Choose a password and userID to allow you to create your own MyACCA account and then continue.
Choose the location and date to do the test that will best work for you then continue.
Choose the payment method that will work best for you then key in your credit card information then continue. A verification page will appear on your screen; click confirm after you have verified that all the information is correct and your registration for the specified exam will be complete.
It is very easy to become a chartered accountant today; you can easily register for ACCA online courses and also take your examination online and you will have received your certification without having to physically attend a class.