Why Study ACCA F7 with APC?

Here at APC, We have helped more than 932 students pass their F7 Exams worldwide. APC is ACCA Gold Learning Provider and all of our courses are approved by ACCA. We have worked with many expert tutors to deliver online courses helping you pass the upcoming F7 exam. Average APC Pass Rate for ACCA F7 in DEC2014: Around 96%. Please see the Demo Lecture by our award winning tutors as well as the ACCA F7 Courses you will receive after you have become our students.

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ACCA Approved Learning Provider

A.P.C is ACCA Gold Learning Provider and all of our materials including ACCA lectures, ACCA Course notes, and Revision Mock exams are approved by ACCA. We have helped more than 4000students from all around the world pass their ACCA exams.

ACCA Course recordings

All of our ACCA lectures are recorded, allowing you to recap a tricky topic or catch up on a missed session. Watch, pause and rewind as many times as you like and whenever you want.

ACCA Revision Course

Tutors will first mindmap the ACCA knowledge in the syllabus. Then we will practice lots of ACCA past exam questions and prediction questions with lots of exam techniques in order to help with your upcoming ACCA exams.

ACCA Case Study Course

It will make more sense if you integrate the ACCA knowledge with real life cases. Tutors will link the key knowledge within your ACCA syllabus to the real life cases in order to strengthen your understanding of how to link the knowledge into real life cases.

ACCA Course Notes

Our ACCA course notes cover the whole ACCA syllabus knowledge with lots of real life case studies, examples as well as exercises. These are updated to the latest September 2015- 2016 ACCA Syllabus.

Dedicated Tutor Support

As well as watching lectures online, tutors are available by email, Online Community at other times. Our tutors aim to answer your ACCA questions within 24hours.

Any Device and Anywhere

All of our ACCA lectures can be accessed on any device including PC, Mac Book, Tablet, Mobile Phones. You can also require the downloadable files so that you can watch the ACCA courses without internet access.

Practise Assessment

Get ready for your exam with Revision Mock Exam. Gain a better understanding of how each ACCA topic is tested. Get feedback on your answers and find out where you need to improve.