ACCA online lectures are online classes conducted for those who are sitting for their ACCA certification. ACCA is short for The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and this certificate is offered in more than 150 countries all over the world. Many students and working professionals have successfully completed the ACCA course and went to on obtain secure jobs not only as accountants, but many other jobs in relevant fields.

ACCA is offered through various channels and one of it is through online lectures. ACCA online lectures are held either through live webinars or podcasts and some lectures are uploaded on the specific accounting practice centers’ websites for quick and easy reference.

Because anyone can sign up for an ACCA course, the availability of online lectures has become a strong factor in helping ACCA students complete their certification. Depending on your schedule and other commitment, you’re able to schedule your lessons based on these online lectures.

If you’re wondering if you should join ACCA online lectures, here are some pointers worth considering:

  • You’re a working professional – If you enrolled for an ACCA course while you’re a working professional, online lectures are a great way to catch up on lessons because you can watch the videos no matter where you are.


  • If you dislike classroom environment – There are learning institution that offer ACCA course at their facility. However, for those who have left the school for a long time may find it hard to find themselves learning in a classroom environment again. ACCA online lectures are the most suitable way to study for the day’s lesson at one’s convenience and comfort.


  • You like space and pace – The great thing about online lectures is that you’re able to pause, forward, or stop the video at any point you want. This allows you flexibility in checking reference during the lesson or stopping when you feel overwhelmed. Being able to rewind the lecture and listen to it as many times as you like can help you maximize retention and thus help you to understand better.


  • Cost-effectiveness is your concern – If you’re looking for ways to save as much money as possible, then studying through ACCA online lectures can help you save money because all you need is a steady internet connection and you’re good to go. Studying online means less paper and you’re able to use many apps to file your notes and references without having to use various notebooks.

If you want to enroll for an ACCA course, consider studying it online through certified accounting practice center such as APC to help you get stared.