If you may still be wondering what exactly ACCA means, it is the abbreviation that stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This happens to be the organization that is mandate to regulate, certify and accredit all the accountants in the whole world. Well, for every accountant, or better still those aspiring to be accountants, having an ACCA accreditation certificate is perhaps the best thing one could ever achieve and it sets the standards very high and positions one at a better place to compete with an advantage in the job fraternity.

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The coursework bound to be covered is quite broad and up to date with the current global standards. Having vital guidance from a group of expert tutors who are highly qualified and well trained, learners are guaranteed of excelling at the end of the course. APC has a proven track record of a tremendous success rate for students of about 95% annually. This thus creates that necessary confidence in the company. If you are still lokking for the best learning institute to kick start your accounting career in accountancy with, well don’t look any further than APC.