For each and every accountant in the world and those aspiring to be, having an ACCA award in your resume is indeed perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments one could ever achieve. The qualification places one in an advantageous position in the job market and ensures that they are competitive enough for any job. With that said, there is absolutely nothing good than studying ACCA with Steve at one of the best teaching fraternities across the world. It is for this reason therefore that Lesco Group Accounting Practicing Centre was founded. In the recent years, the learning institute has become renowned and reputable for providing accountants with the best and the most ideal ACCA course in the whole world.

On that note, you may wonder what is peculiar with the Accounting Practicing Centre and in particular, studying ACCA with APC who is a guru as far as matters accounting teaching is concerned. Well, Steve and the entire Lesco group has revolutionized and redefined the manner in which an ACCA course should be taught to warrant the effective teaching of the practice. Steve has taken it upon himself to avail himself for the online classroom experience whereby the students can learn ACCA on an online platform which is much better than a classroom setting. One needs not deal with the hustle of going to class every morning or afternoon and hence reliability and convenience is realized at the end of the day.

The study platform on offer is quite innovative and with a quite easy to use user interface, it is certain to ensure that learners get to relish in the whole experience. With Steve and a great team of tutors at the learner’s disposal, every unit and topic will be taught broadly and comprehensively.

The course outline is carefully engineered and well spread out during the required time frame of the course and with a great team of tutors who are determined and committed to their work; expansive coverage of the syllabus is covered in good time and most importantly, efficiently. This thus allows enough room for the professional exam preparation at the end of the course. With all these schemes put in place, students are guaranteed of excelling in their professional exams and will be competitive in the job market. Lesco Group APC is the ideal Accounting Practicing Centre for all professional accountants that is made more enjoyabe while studying ACCA with Steve.