Gone are the days when people traveled miles and miles to access learning institutions to learn and advance their knowledge. Lately, over ninety percent of existing higher learning institutions have opened campuses in different towns to move closer to people unlike before. When accessing our homes, workplaces and learning institutions in a single day are made possible, a majority of the population is likely to be motivated to learn and won’t mind giving a try. Such initiative and motivation is what studying ACCA with Steve is built around.

A majority of employees while going up the ladder of career growth, while at one stage or the other will require to add or supplement their knowledge. There are zero chances of being given a long period away from work to study. Who doesn’t want to earn a promotion at one stage in life? So what next? Most employees are now enrolling for part time and evening classes to acquire that extra knowledge while still pursuing their careers. Instead of taking a bus or walking down the street to join your class after a busy day, studying ACCA with Steve now brings learning to your living room at your personal convenience. This is a relief to people who had to take a bus or drive home late in the evening after the class sessions.

Learning being a process, it is good to have a platform that caters for beginners, the intermediate and the advanced learners. In prevailing socio-economic factors in our daily life, time management is key. After a long busy day at your workstation, it’s impossible to concentrate in class for longer periods of time. This is likely to bring fatigue and reduce output both in class and workplace. It is important to choose an appropriate flexible schedule not to wear you out.

With increased access to the Internet at lower costs, studying ACCA with APC is the next big thing. It is easy to learn at your pace in peace at the comfort of your office or home. The unique teaching approach of live sessions and notes makes the whole process flexible and enjoyable. There are platforms and forums where people from diverse regions meet and interact. With long hours wasted daily in long traffic jams to move from point A to B to access learning facilities that is long gone. You can be stuck in the traffic jam but learning, all this courtesy of Steve.