The ACCA course has gained a lot of popularity over the past number of years. The number of students who are signing up to study it has actually increased and this can greatly be attributed to the career advantages that come with taking this particular course. Any serious accountant who is looking to have a successful career in this field knows the importance of the course. The demand for this course led to a whole range of solutions being brought into the market to easily allow prospective students to access the online courses.

One such platform was the ACCA-X. ACCA-X was a program that was launched by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants; the global ACCA body itself. It was mainly geared at enhancing accessibility to ACCA course online.

It basically began with two free courses that ran for ten weeks. The program was launched in April of 2015 and the courses were to officially begin in July. The first course was the Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting which would earn the student an introductory certificate in Financial and Management Accounting issued by the ACCA itself. The second course was the Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting that would earn the student an intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting, also issued by the ACCA itself.

The course functionality for the most part was mobile friendly thus it could be easily and conveniently accessed. There were tutors available to guide the various students through the entire course. The tutors made use of very interactive and exciting course that was specifically designed to keep the students interested and intrigued. The content was also well designed to ensure that the students who took it gained good financial literacy skills.

The program enjoyed a great deal of success and very many students benefits from it. Within just days of its launching, it was reported that more than 38,000 prospective students had already registered for it. The registrations were coming in from various part of the world and were recorded to be from 201 different countries and territories.

This is just one of the many success stories in the ACCA online course arena. The demand for this course has led to the emergence of a large number of online solutions to make it easier for more people to take the course and many people from all corners of the world are actually benefiting from these online courses.