Last Updated: August 2014

Welcome to the A.P.C website (the “Site”), a branch of The LESCO Group Ltd. This document (the “User Agreement” or the “Agreement”) is a legal contract that describes the conditions under which users (“you”) are permitted to use the Site. This User Agreement, including the Privacy Policy, applies to all A.P.C Websites.

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Pass Guarantee for Super Package (Sept/DEC2016)

  • Pass Guarantee for Super Package course: In order to have the updates for the course paper, students need to complete at least 90% of the course content as well as submitting the mock exam papers and get marked. The marks for mock exam paper should be at least 55 marks. Students will also need to provide ACCA student number; Name as well as birthday registered at ACCA to APC in order to enjoy pass guarantee service.

Our Courses

  • We have different study packages offered in the course shop and the prices for all of the packages are the final price for you to purchase but all of them are not refundable .
  • Students who have purchased our course but decide not to sit them in the upcoming exam, students need to email us to postpone the course until you sit that. The course will not be updated if students fail to do so.
  • Our courses are for personal use only. If student shares the account with others then APC would reserve the right to terminate the account permanently and sue for opportunity cost that APC has suffered. Since this behavior is like “A Theft”.



  • In exchange for your access to the Site, you agree not to have the following situations which will damage the Site or that could cause injury to yourself, to us, or to anyone else and we reserve the right to terminate your account if the one of the following situations arise.


Without limitation, you agree not to attempt to:

  1. Modify the site including the use of spiders or robots.
  2. Damage, overburden or gain unauthorized access to the site, our servers or user accounts.
  3. Introduce viruses that will destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;
  4. Collect information about other users for the any purposes not explicitly authorized by us;
  5. Take any other action that we, in our exclusive discretion, believe may damage or injure you, us, or any third party.



A.P.C is concerned with the security of your personal data. Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. No third party will have access to your personal information before gaining your permission.

Information about students

  1. We will require you to register as a student on our website before purchasing the course. You need to register with your username and your own password.
  2. You need to set a password question and answer in case you want to change or forget your password.
  3. You need to fulfill an email address and we will send you with the exam techniques, product information periodically and it’s your choice to receive these information from us.
  4. You can fulfill the Phone number and we will get back to you if you need any technical helps or academic enquiries.
  5. You can tell us which ACCA papers you are currently studying or interested in by selecting them in the registration form so that we can give more advice of how to help you pass this paper later on.
  6. It’s our responsibility to keep the above information private and secure and without your permission we will not share them with any 3rdparties because we know privacy is the most valuable asset and we will secure and protect those data.


How personal information would be used

  1. Personal information you have given us includes:
    1. Your username and password to this website.
    2. Password question and answer.
    3. Email address.
    4. Telephone number
    5. Gender
    6. Your interested ACCA papers
  2. These information would be used solely by the “Site”. And we will only use these information to improve better customer service, ie, sending email about recent coming exam techniques and product information or other academic issues and you will have an option not to subscribe to us if you don’t want to receive our email.
  3. We will contact you via telephone only if it’s with your permission, ie, we will send an email to you first to get your permission before we contact you via telephone.


About Payment

The payment service we use is from Paypal or Worldpay. When you purchase a course you will be redirected to Paypal or Worldpay page and you are not required to enter into your credit card details as well as other personal information on our Site and this means we will not know nor collect your credit card details as well as other personal information.

Benefits of using personal information

After registering as a student on our website then we will send you with the exam techniques as well as product information to help your ACCA exam success and periodically we will give a free course to our registered students like free online courses. Before that we will ask for your permission by sending you an email and you have an option not to subscribe to us.

Modification to personal information

Students who register on our website can change or update their information by login and click “user information” where you can edit your email address, telephone number as well as password.

Students who registered on our website subsequently finds out that they don’t want to be within our contact list any more then they can directly contact and we will reply to you within 24hours.

 Refund Policy

After purchasing the live online package course if you are unhappy with it then you can claim your refund by sending your email to or within 7days and we will refund to you in full as soon as we can.