ACCA-X might be an answered prayer for people all over the world that have been looking to advance their accounting careers but do not seem to be able to get the time to do so. Convenience and accessibility are at the core of this amazing program. As it is, numerous registrations have been recorded from different parts of the world. Reports show that over 38,000 students looking for an ACCA online course have already signed up; these are people from 201 different territories and countries. This amazing program is global and it is looking to break down all barriers that exist to the study of accountancy.

ACCA-X typically starts off with introductory and intermediary courses in the field of Financial and Management Accounting. These two introductory courses will be offered for free to begin with and they will take ten weeks to complete. The courses will mainly focus on topics such as ledger accounts and payroll. Other topics that will be covered include the use of management accounting in decision making and the reconciliation of the cashbook with the control accounts. The knowledge that one will be able to acquire within this ten weeks will however go a very long way in helping them rise to the next level in their accounting career. The ten weeks will also work exactly the same way for those looking to simply give a boost to their knowledge in finance.

According to the people in charge of bringing ACCA-X into the market, the main aim of the program was to enhance accessibility to those looking to take the ACCA course. They were looking to allow that student with access to the internet to easily get the opportunity to increase their accounting prowess by taking ACCA courses online. The program features content of very high quality, is available all day everyday online and is delivered using the well-recognized edX platform. The content found on the program was expertly written by Epigeum which is a spin-out emanating from Imperial College in London.

In the event that you have always been looking for that simple way to advance your career in accounting you should definitely get on board with this program. The program was launched by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants body itself thus you need not worry about its credibility. Tutors all over the world have also shown support for this program thus you are sure that it is the real deal.