Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is a qualification laid down by the predominant worldwide body of accountants while APC refers to the online Accounting Practice center. APC is a platform established to benefit the ACCA members through provision of sample online papers for practice, prediction papers for exams and a suitable area for accountants to interact. The ACCA through APC also sets the standard for which those practicing accountancy should maintain across the globe. Other things you might consider knowing about ACCA include:

ACCA Syllabus
The ACCA syllabus is widely dispersed into different modules, of which some are spared for those with higher qualifications beyond the least of ACCA eligibility criteria. The entire exam consists of 16 papers in the degree. Among these, 9 are Fundamental (F) and 7 are Professional (P). The professional category has 2 optional papers that mean that the qualification lower margin is the obligatory 14 papers.

An interested person who has a minimum qualification tantamount to or exceeding any of the following becomes eligible for enrolling into any ACCA institute for the ACCA program:
Two A-Level (minimum of pass) and Three GCSE O-Level (a minimum of grade C) in 5 different subjects, of which English and Mathematics are inclusive.
Graduated from a chartered and approved institute by the government’s Ministry Of Education.
Must have a Foundation in Accounting (FIA). The FIA provides a splendid beginning for those wishing to pursue accountancy but cannot directly reach the minimum requirements for the ACCA qualification. As such, they may start with certificates, diplomas or a technician-level qualification (CAT).

ACCA advantages
The benefits ACCA offers to you surpass any challenge you might experience in your pursuance for a complete accountancy career. Studying ACCA with Steve or studying ACCA with APC, these are some of the benefits:
Acceptability-being a certified chartered accountant, your professional skills are unlimited and you can comfortably work in any business.
Employment opportunities- you will be a gem in the market as a result of displaying excellent clench in the market.
Simultaneous working- even as an ACCA student, you have ample working time as the exams are just twice a year.
International recognition- ACCA is recognized in more than 170 countries across the globe that means your market is as wide as its scope extends
Reference point- ACCA graduates display competent technical and ethical aptitude which can be emulated by other accountants.
Professionalism- the knowledge obtained is practicable in the real world business.