The ACCA course is a great way for an accountant to get certified. The good thing is that the classes can be taken online. As we all know there are different phases in the learning process. For starters there is the planning phases where planning is done before the studying takes place. ACCA courses online also have the studying phase, the revision phase and also the exam phase. All these phases need to be well prepared for so as to ensure that one eventually passes the exams.

The planning phase can be said to take place at the start of the online classes. This is where you start to get an overview of the exact materials you will need for the whole course.

Have a plan – The first stage of planning in the ACCA courses online journey is to develop a plan. This is especially the case if the classes are taken part time. You will need to know your commitments and the time that ACCA. This sounds easy enough but it is important to choose a time frame where your distractions will be very few. To have a plan, you will need your own timetable hat is only effective if carefully followed for the best results in the exams.

Get familiar with the structure of the syllabus – ACCA is taught according to a syllabus and you will need to understand what it entails. In case you are taking P2 exams at the end of the course, it is important to be familiar with the topics that you will be required to cover even before you cover them in class. The syllabus will also give you details on the different topics in the ACCA courses online that will be deeply examined and those that will not. This way, you will know where to focus most of your attention.

Know the examiners approach – The ACCA online courses will prepare you adequately for exams but you will have to be ready to give answers just as the examiners want them. Before starting your studies this is an important routine as you will know how to base your answers throughout.

Get relevant study texts – This is the last stage in planning as you will need reference material and other study materials for the course. The books can be bought or can be sourced out from the library.