There are various phases you need to plan out before you get to pass your ACCA exams. ACCA online classes are convenient for anyone who is also working as you can do them part time. Your learning can be done in various phases. These tips will get you scoring the best scores after you are done with the exams.


Planning Phase

You will always need a plan if you are going to manage both study and work. Some of us are even family people and a study plan is what will get you through it. Familiarize yourself with the exam structure the syllabus and possible exam questions. You can look at the ACCA website to find what examiners are looking for and the answers they expect. Also equip yourself with study texts that are approved.


Study Phase

Let your study approach be objective oriented. Set a target for each and ensure you meet the targets. Your target can be something like to cover a chapter in a certain period of time. You should ensure you understand all the concepts. Part of understanding involves knowing how apply them given different scenarios. In case you find yourself struggling seek help from ACCA online tutors who will help you as you go along.


Practicing Phase

Knowing how to apply the concepts learnt needs a lot of practice from time to time. There are various ways that you can do this. For starters you can practice using past papers. Ensure you go through as many as you can as you get an idea of what the examiners examine the most. Also go through the reports given by the examiners and their marking schemes.


Preparation Phase

Once you are done with the ACCA online classes engage in some personal revision. Ensure you are adequately prepared for the exam. Pay a visit to your exam center. You need to familiarize yourself with the fastest route to get there. Being late for exam is not an option. Ensure you get enough sleep before the exam and also do not panic.


Exam Phase

The exam period is the most important phase of all. Go through all the questions before you start answering the questions. Read the question requirements before you start working on them. Plan your answers well. Answer the questions to the point. The only way you pass is if you give the examiners exactly what they want.