There are three very important components of the ACCA qualification. These components are the exams, professional ethics and practical experience. The three are discussed in detail below:


The exams that are given for the ACCA qualification are split into two broad categories; these are the Professional and the Fundamentals. The fundamental is further divided into two modules which are the skills and the knowledge. The module on knowledge mainly takes care of introducing you to the major areas in management and financial accounting. The module on skills on the other hand takes care of the major technical areas that accountants are supposed to be aware of.

The Professional level is also divided into two modules which are the options and essentials. In a nutshell, this particular level helps you to build on the technical knowledge that you have already gathered and looks into more advanced professional values, techniques and skills. These are usually needed for accountants occupying senior levels in consultancy or advisory roles.

Professional Ethics

This particular module combines both practical experience and what you have been taught in class. Its main aim is to help you understand the ethical ideas that are put into practice in the accounting profession. Professional ethics are fundamental for any person who takes their career seriously and is looking to succeed in it. People will not take you seriously if you do not exhibit the required professional ethics; it is thus imperative that you have these at your fingertips.

Practical Experience

When studying ACCA with Steve you will get to know that practical experience is a very important part of getting the ACCA qualification. Practical experience is highly valued in the accounting field just like in all other fields. The exams that you will do in the classroom so as to get the ACCA qualification equip you with all the theoretical knowledge that you need. All this theory is very good but it cannot help you at all if you are not in a position to put into practice. This is where the practice experience module comes in. For the ACCA studies, the theory taught in class is closely linked with practical experiences to help ensure that you can actually take up an accounting role when you are given one.

Being able to combine the theory taught in the classroom with the professional ethics taught and the practical experience will mean that you are well prepared to take of a fully-fledged accountancy role in any organization at any level. Studying ACCA with Steve will help you to achieve just that.