What Good Is An ACCA Course For You?
ACCA course, or The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants course, is the world’s largest association of professional accountants. There are more than 350,000 students worldwide in over 170 countries have taken an ACCA course.
If you’re a school leaver or a working professional, chances are, you have heard of ACCA before. But have you ever wondered what good is an ACCA course for you?
We’re here to share the benefits of an ACCA course to help you make a more informed decision before you decide to enroll.
·       It’s recognized worldwide – ACCA is a certificate that is recognized in many countries. Employers all over the world are aware of how advanced and meticulous ACCA syllabus is. This speaks volume about the quality of a person with an ACCA qualification. With this, you’re able to boost your resume when applying for a job.
·       You can work as a freelance accountant anywhere – Because students of an ACCA course is recognized as high-quality students, you can use this as a ticket to apply for accountancy positions in any company, be it in the public or private sector. Not only that, you can offer your service as a freelance accountant to any company.
·       Knowledge is not limited to accountancy – Through an ACCA course, students are not only exposed to finance and accounting, but they also learned about organizational management and strategy. This puts you at an advantage, as you’re more mature in understanding the mechanics and dynamics of a company in order to make you a more efficient and competent account.
·       You’re equipped with the right skill sets – ACCA course has a well-structured training path, thus preparing you for both theory and practical situations. Through a thorough and relevant learning experience, it produces higher quality accountants that are well equipped with the right skills and knowledge much sought after by employers.
·       It opens up a world of opportunity – Since you’re exposed to many aspects of organizational management during your ACCA course, you’re not only confined to the field of accountancy. There are many other opportunities that you can explore with your experience and knowledge gained from your ACCA certification. With drive and determination, the world is your oyster and you’re free to venture into interesting and adventurous roles that will only enhance your competency as an accountant as well as an employee.
There are many recognized accounting practice centers that offer ACCA qualification for their students. Some of these centers provide online courses so you don’t have to be in a classroom to complete your studies, and there are also many learning institutions that offer ACCA course at the facility.