ACCA, or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is an international accountancy body that offers qualifications for anyone around the world. Its online ACCA course is one of the largest qualifications taken by more than 500,000 students worldwide.

The reason why many are studying for the online ACCA course is because the qualifications offered by this international body is recognized in other countries as equivalent as the local qualifications for accountancy. This makes it more convenient for students who want to study accountancy but aren’t able to enroll into any public or private institutions.

While anyone can register for the online ACCA course, the syllabus and exam are just as rigorous and meticulous as that of any learning institutions. So if you’re thinking of registering and taking up the course, you need to make sure that you’re prepared to commit yourself to it.

With 14 exams to go through, you can choose to study in any way you like. There are classes and courses you can attend if you prefer a more hands-on method, but many students opt for online learning as well as self-studying. This convenience makes it easier for students who are already working or have other obligations that disallow them to attend classes or courses.

Students also have the option to stud the course directly from ACCA or students can go through other learning institutions that offer this course. There are many public and private learning institutions that have ACCA on their programs and the same, students have the option to study it in classrooms or choose online learning.

Many favor ACCA qualification because it’s highly recognized as the global body of professional accountants. While there are other accountancy bodies that offer various accountancy qualifications, ACCA is the most respectable and unrivalled qualification anyone can obtain. Since ACCA qualifications are recognized internationally and locally, students are offered local law and tax option so they’re able to make their study and learning more relevant to their local scene. Other than that, because of its procedure, syllabus, and examination schemes, students with ACCA qualifications are more reputable and preferred by employers.

The growing need for accountants has put students with ACCA qualification on the forefront. And with the option for an online ACCA course, it helps students to manage time better and work around their schedule, especially for those who are working.

ACCA exams are held in January and December. So if you’re planning to obtain an ACCA qualification, make sure you register on time.