What Sets ACCA Course Apart from the Rest?

What Sets ACCA Course Apart from the Rest?
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or simply ACCA is known for being a topnotch global accountancy body. In addition to this, the qualification for ACCA is highly recognized and is highly regarded in other nations as a counterpart to their local qualification. It is worth noting that the qualification proves to employers that a candidate possesses the ability in all facets of business. This is recognized for being the biggest and most rapidly expanding qualification worldwide, with more than five hundred thousand students and members in a total of one hundred seventy nations.
There are countless of perks associated with enrolling in ACCA Course which makes it quite distinguished from other online course platforms available these days. Some of these benefits consist of the following:
o Having ACCA qualification provides better employment opportunities as an outcome of having displayed the ability in all facets of business.
o Allows you to become a Chartered Certified Accountant which means that you can work in any field of management or finance in any enterprise and you can use the designatory letters ACCA.
o You can have higher status in the eyes of potential employers as well as your clients.
o This ACCA qualification can guarantee employers that as a candidate for the job you possess the valuable skills to help the firm and better able to handle senior management positions.
o ACCA Course qualification does not merely focus on theory and most importantly it assists graduates to prepare for practical usage.
o As candidates, you are not solely provided with deeper insight regarding accounting and finance but you will also obtain vital skills when it comes to organizational strategy and management.
o The qualification for ACCA is hinged on global auditing and accounting standards and is also strictly complying with IFAC.
o You will gain personal satisfaction of having obtained the necessary business skills.
o The professional qualification is counterpart to completing a full university degree which is recognized with a high standard.
o There are examinations held twice annually so that students can possibly work even when they’re studying.
Essentially, one of the numerous reasons why ACCA is deemed as the biggest and most rapidly growing international professional accountancy body globally is that it comes with a three hundred twenty thousand students and members in a total of 170 nations worldwide. For a fact, obtaining such a qualification is a solid proof that the holder is endowed with knowledge and the skills that are in demand by largest companies and employers in the field of consulting, industry, auditing, banking and other professions such as law and taxation.