Why Steve Chen can help with your ACCA exam success?

I am a technical writer for ACCA AB magazine, author for four accounting books and industry professor in the university. In this page, you will find my articles, books and videos to get to know more about me.


Steve Chen (Founder)’s story

I founded APC in 2012 after qualifying myself in ACCA accreditation ten years ago. I like many people was spending over 13 hours everyday reading study texts and completing questions, then making lots of summaries, which I read and reread. I must admit, as is no surprise, this method is time consuming, tiring and not efficient at all.

So, I made it my mission to develop an alternative way for students to learn that was more less time-consuming, more efficient, productive and less stressful. It was a new way that was to challenge the old way.

This was the point that I set up the global consultancy company – APC. As a company, all we do is provide ACCA online courses to students across the globe. Our specialisation in this way allows us to focus on what matters, which is helping our students get the result they need. As we only focus on one course, we consider ourselves experts as every year, we use feedback and developments in teaching techniques to improve our offer.

My vision was to create a company that avoided the common large supermarket chain style of training courses business, where you can do a course in any subject by tutors who often haven’t actually done course itself, like our tutors have.

One aspect that I am proud to have introduced to all our training is the use of mnemonics, and the targeted use of smart systems for improving and assisting the memory related to learning.

One mnemonic system, I developed when a student; called COPAR, was accepted and used as aa new standard by other tuition providers and even the CIMA F2 Kaplan Study text itself.

At APC, we are constantly looking at ways to support our students to study smarter, more intelligently and efficiently. The price quoted for our courses may be slightly higher than courses from other tuition providers, but I believe my course can help you pass ACCA exams, especially for those who have struggled to pass in the P level studies.



Author for IFRS 16

In 2019, Steve Chen has published his second accounting book - IFRS 16 Leases - A comical yet practical journey into the world of IFRS Leases – told through the eyes of Charlie & Stella, ISBN: 9789887939573


The book can be found at Hong Kong Government's website. 

Invited by ACCA

Steve Chen was then invited by ACCA London Office to provide a public speech about IFRS 16 to all ACCA members across the globe at ACCA head office.

Press release can be found HERE

Full lecture about IFRS 16 Leases at ACCA London Head Office can be found here


Work Hard

Here is Steve's office where all Steve's professional qualifications are placed. 

From an ACCA, CIMA, CMA students to qualified accountant, then to finance director, managing director and author, Steve knows exactly what you need to do to pass ACCA exams.

Steve has many hobbies including climbing mountains, playing tennis and golf.


Industry Professor

Steve Chen was appointed by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to become a teaching fellow lecturing Financial Accounting and Managing Accounting papers. 

In 2018, GuangJun Feng and Chengyi Li became the first prize winner in the CIMA P1 Management Accounting exams - 150 out of 150 marks.

In 2020, Steve Chen was appointed by Neuusoft to become the independent Financial Management Module Examiner.


Train the Trainer (TTT)

Steve Chen was invited by CIMA ShangHai head office to deliver a three day sessions to train university lecturers of how to teach case study exams.

Before that, Steve has taught more than 10 students who have achieved top five prize winner in both CIMA Operational and Management case study exams in China.

Besides, Steve Chen was also invited to become the judge for Gobal Business Challenge.


IFRS Foundation Meetings

Steve Chen has been acting an independent observer in the IASB meeting and this is the picture with IASB's chairman Hans Hoogervorst.

Steve Chen is also an independent IFRS consultant providing IFRS solutions to various clients.

Steve Chen also published a book called 'Pig Easy IFRS' which is an excellent study text for ACCA FR and SBR courses.

The photo was taken in 2019 with IASB's chariman.


ACCA AB Magazine

Steve Chen became a technical writer writing accounting and finance technical articles for ACCA AB magazine starting from 2020.

Steve Chen is an expert in IFRS, especially IFRS 16 Leases.

All AB magazine can be found either in ACCA's AB magazine app or website HERE


ACCA AB Magazine

​This is another article on ACCA AB magazine which is about Cash Equivalents - the article can be accessed HERE

Video Camera

YouTube Videos

Steve Chen has published lots of YouTube videos helping students pass ACCA exams. Steve invented lots of exam techniques and mnemonics which are soon used by other tuition providers and study texts.

Our history

APC history timeline

In 2012 - APC was first founded to provide online ACCA courses to students from all around the world

From 2014 - Now, ACCA (UK) granted APC the Gold Learning Partner


from2015, APC's YouTube channel has subscribers of more than 10,000.

Until 2019, more than 6,500 students from 60 countries across the globe joined APC's ACCA online accountancy courses

From 2014 onwards, numerous strategic partnerships were built up including 'Bloomsburry (HK)', 'Laimoon (Dubai)', 'Gotitpass (HK)'.

In 2016, APC provides online courses to several universities including:

  • City University of Macau - CIMA operational case studies

  • Macau University of Science and Technology - CIMA operational case studies

  • Train the Trainer (TTT) - to lecturers from mainland China

  • Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) - accounting courses

From2019, we have our published accountancy books including:

  1. The No1 No-nonsense Financial Accounting Handbook, ISBN:9789887939528

  2. IFRSs and Management Accounting Applications to Prefabricated Housing Industry, ISBN: 9789887939580

  3. IFRS 16 Leases - A comical yet practical journey into the world of IFRS Leases – told through the eyes of Charlie & Stella, ISBN: 9789887939573

  4. Pig Easy IFRSs, ISBN:9789887959212

In 2019, our course director was invited by ACCA (UK) head office to provide a lecture on his IFRS 16 Leases Book to ACCA members from across the globe, hereis the recording. Click HERE

Up to 2021, we have a tutor team of more than 10 expert tutors covering different ACCA papers teaching and most of them have previous marker or examiner experience.


Expert tutors


Steve began his career as an auditor, and now he works as a finance director in a HK company, and also dedicates himself to education. As an ACCA, CIMA, CMA, MCSI qualified accountant, Steve brings his specialized knowledge in accounting and auditing. Steve has a comprehensive understanding of how the business world works, and in his classes he uses lots of real life examples to help students prepare to work in similar situations. Steve is a guest lecturer in many universities based in China mainland and Macau including Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Central University of Finance and Economics, Universidade de Ciência e Tecnologia de Macau, City University of Macau/Universidade da Cidade de Macau.


Kieran has been teaching ACCA P2 (and its predecessors) since 1989. He is a chartered accountant who has also a wealth of experience lecturing financial and corporate reporting to students, accountants, lawyers, bankers and business owners, in the UK, USA, Russia, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond. He won the PQ Magazine Finance Lecturer of the Year award in 2010, as well as many other teaching and lecturing awards. Kieran has been regularly interviewed by the BBC, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, and Stanford University, as well as many local media outlets for his knowledge of financial issues and his ability to make complex topics understandable. Kieran has also been an examiner for professional accounting exams, and applies his knowledge in lectures, focusing on techniques, and topics.

Victoria Cromwell人像.png

Victoria is an English qualified lawyer with over 12 years post-qualification experience, primarily in the field of insolvency and corporate restructuring. After spending the majority of her career in practice, working in the City of London for Addleshaw Goddard & Linklaters, in 2010 Victoria became a professional support lawyer at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, supporting the restructuring & insolvency team with legal updates, training and also authoring articles for academic journals. Victoria has now brought this wealth of experience to the field of professional education, and she is the subject expert at APC for ACCA F4 (Corporate & Business Law) and CIMA C05 (Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance & business Law).

Steve Chen,

ACCA,CIMA, MCSI,CMA,APC Professional Course Director

Victoria Cromwell


Kieran Maguire


Expert tutors


Jim Bowes

External examiner

Jim has significant experience within industry , having worked for various companies including 24 years with IBM. He has held a variety of roles including various Finance and Change Management posts. His passion is helping people succeed in their desired careers and currently works as an Independent Consultant / lecturer at several universities and educational establishments across Scotland. He also delivers Chartered Management Institute courses and is an examiner for the ACCA RAP project ( part requirement in fulfilling BSc Accounting). Jim is a member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) ,the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as well as holding a BA ( Accountancy) MBA and CIMA qualification.


Lan jane


Ian Janes is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and was trained in the Audit Department of one of the big four firms of Chartered Accountants.

He is hugely experienced in both the private and public sectors. As well as his commercial experience and former role as a Director of a Development Trust, he has worked extensively in the Higher Education sector. During this time he has worked closely with people at all levels of a variety of organisations, and has trained hundreds (probably thousands) of accountants currently practicing worldwide.


Contact ACCA

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