Demo ACCA Lectures

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  • Our ACCA courses have been updated for the ACCA latest syllabus (Sept 2021-June 2022)

  • Head tutor for each ACCA paper course: Steve Chen, FCCA

Advanced Audit & Assurance (AAA) (INT) Demo Lectures

Introduction to AAA

AAA Revision Question - Internal Audit

Practise Management

AAA Exam Article - Audit Quality

Advanced Performance Management (APM) ​Demo Lectures

Introduction to APM

Beyond budgeting

Costing methods overview

Predict Corporate Failures

Advanced Financial Management (AFM) ​Demo Lectures

Introduction to AFM

Currency Futures Hedge

Understand FOREX quotes

Past Exam Question on Business Valuations

Strategic Business Leader
(SBL) ​Demo Lectures

Strategy - What 'Long Term' means

Business Models in SBL exam

Cultural web analysis

Corporate Governance Overview

Strategic Business Reporting
(SBR) ​Demo Lectures

Introduction to SBR exam

IAS 23 Borrowing Costs (for SBR level)

Group statement of cash flows

IFRS 9 Financial instruments - investment in debt instrument

SBR past exam question go through on IAS 40 Investment property

SBR past exam question - Specimen paper

Financial Management
(FM) ​Demo Lectures

Direct listing

Working capital management

Islamic finance


Audit & Assurance
(AA) (INT) ​Demo Lectures

Audit planning

Cash audit

Financial Reporting
(FR) (INT) ​Demo Lectures

IFRS 16 Leases

Introduction to deferred tax - IAS 12 Income taxes

IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers - principal and agent

IAS 7 Statement of cash flows - Cash equivalent

Performance Management
(PM) ​Demo Lectures

Throughput accounting

Cost Volume Profit Analysis (CVP analysis)

Corporate and Business Law
(UK) ​Demo Lecture

Introduction to the paper

Financial Accounting - F3
(FA) ​Demo Lectures

Accruals Concept

Types of shares

Irrecoverable debt expenses

IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) 

Management Accounting - F2
(MA) ​Demo Lectures

Absorption costing overview

Process costing