4 Tips for ACCA Strategic Professional Examinations

Are you and #ACCA online study or ACCA Classroom Learning programme student who has just finished their Applied Skills Level? It’s good to assume you have been fretting about how difficult or different the next Level, i.e., the Strategic Professional Level is going to be. So here below, we have tried to answer some necessary queries that favour your qualification to the next ACCA Level preparation:

Does the exam pattern differ from previous levels?

Yes, the exam pattern definitely differs from the previous ACCA levels. There is a distinct change of pattern in Strategic Professional Level from the previous levels in that, you will be asked more analytical and understanding-based questions. You will be expected to answer the questions comprehensively, demonstrating a deeper application of skills. Your answers must represent a case study approach. Success in answering such questions can be achieved with ample practice. The more your practice, the more you can pinpoint where exactly you are faltering, and that is how you will improvise. Pay attention to your mistakes and work on your tutor feedback. So watch as many #ACCA videos as possible, and absorb the knowledge you need.

What suggestions do you have about the Ethics Module?

According to ACCA Alumni and research by industry experts, learners must ideally complete their Ethics and Professional Skills Level before appearing for the Strategic Professionals Paper as this prepares them well for the analytical, case study and broad type questions. Completing the Ethics Module alongside the Strategic Professionals ensures learners pass the SBL Examinations easily.

What about Strategic Professional (Essentials)?

SBL and SBR are essentially practical based examinations that require learners to demonstrate the best of their professional skills like public speaking, analytics, communication, business acumen, scepticism, commercial awareness, logical reasoning and mental alertness. However, all of these can be mastered through practice sets found in study materials and tailor-made mock papers available on #ACCA online study course websites. An expert recommendation is to complete SBR first or alongside AAA because during SBR learners get to learn accounting standards freshly, and AAA follows up with auditing, so learning these side by side is helpful as an exam preparation tool.

How to prepare for Strategic Professional (Options)?

For the Optional Strategic Professional Examinations, you have to choose any two papers among AFM, ATX, APM and AAA. Although there’s no fundamental combination, usually, students select AAA and ATX together, and those going with APM tend to choose AFM along with it. However, this is only a suggestion, and one can choose any combination they are comfortable with.

Whatever you choose and wherever you decide to sit for ACCA, make sure you prepare with ACCA master guides, so enrol now and #Study ACCA with Global APC to launch your accounting and finance career sky high!

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