6 Reasons Why You Must Opt To Study ACCA

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If you have a severe interest in finance management and are waiting for that big professional jumpstart towards a gifted career, look no further and enrol to #Study ACCA with Global APC, wherein you join genuinely as a global citizen welcomed by the international community of more than 200,000 chartered accountants working in over 180 countries.

Before you know how rewarding the ACCA professional course is, let’s get you acquainted with the Certification Basis. The #ACCA online study is the most comprehensive form of certification currently available, the module consisting of 15 examinations, the Ethics and Professional Skills Level and an additional 36-month on-job training experience requirement on completion of which you join the global employees' network of 200,000 accountants.

We will now delve into the six reasons why you must pursue ACCA:

  1. Complete Flexibility - Although ACCA needs your time and effort (read passion and interest), it is today's most flexible professional course. The learner can choose either to #Study ACCA with Global APC in online mode by attending the live classes and webinars or enrol in the offline mode to access the #ACCA lectures and #ACCA videos from experts teaching materials at their own pace.

  2. World of Opportunities - #ACCA online study has literally opened up a world of opportunities where students can digitally connect and interact with instructors around the globe. At the same time, simultaneously apply for internships, training and jobs during the course itself, which earlier was a tedious process for learners to separately focus on the course requirements and then to adjust schedules for preparing applications for internships and so on.

  3. Peer-to-peer Learning - The pandemic has made e-learning more popular than ever, and #ACCA online study is receiving more applications than ever. This, in turn, has made peer-to-peer learning highly advantageous, and students sitting in Malaysia can now connect with those sitting in Zambia and conduct a group study session. Learning has become more interactive, more sharing and more fun, so don’t waste your time any further and quickly enrol to #Study ACCA with Global APC.

  4. Earn like a King - You must have seen #ACCA videos, and you’ll immediately know that it is a professional accounting and finance course that literally earns you a golden ticket to a diverse range of income opportunities. You can work in an ordinary organization and demand a higher salary than the rest owing to your ACCA credentials.

  5. Enhanced Career Potential - ACCA is one of the handful of accounting and finance courses that actually prepares you for various strategic, administrative and business management skills at cost-effective fees, thus boosting your career potential to an extraordinary degree.

  6. ACCA all the way - Unlike other professional courses, ACCA does not burden you with the completion of an entire course to qualify for certification. ACCA has multiple levels ranging from Foundational to Ethics and Professional Skills Level. Whether you complete the full or not, you will be awarded certification according to the level you are on. This means, if you pass the Applied Knowledge and the Exams but lag behind in the additional experiential requirements, you will still be an ACCA Associate. If you fulfil the complete certification requirements and the Levels, you’re then a chartered accountant and an ACCA member both. So whether you are thoroughly done or halfway, you’re worth as long as you are an ACCA learner.

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