6 Revision Tips for ACCA Students

Once you have booked your ACCA examination and paid the fees, the clock starts ticking more fiercely, and your heart might start beating so loud that you can actually count every single thud until you cannot take any more stress. This is precisely where we enter; we at Global APC will help you with one of the finest quality #ACCA online study materials, including #ACCA lectures and #ACCA videos to facilitate your accounting studies so well that your revision schedule will be full of positive vibes. You will ace your exam like a pro. So quickly, let’s delve into some of these revision tips from ACCA alumni and experts:

1. Schedule is Cool

Almost nothing in the world can be done without a schedule. However dull and cliche that sounds, you need to understand that no success has been achieved without proper planning, and that is why for acing your ACCA Examinations, you must, first of all, build a routine. One of the most recommended ways for starting can be by planning a timetable 3 months in advance so that you aren’t overwhelmed at the last minute and have enough time to cover all portions. You can create a detailed plan later, but to start, make a schedule to study tough topics thoroughly. After a while, you can scan through the easier ones, or you can start with easier ones and then dig deeper into the complex ones, whichever works best for you as long as you stick to a routine.

2. Motivation is Key

Why do you think motivational coaches earn a six-figure salary just at the beginning of their careers? No, they aren’t just good storytellers, they’re actually great at content marketing, and we’re serious when we say so. They are focused, know what they are saying, and mean it when they are saying it. They do what they say. That’s what makes them different. That is why they are coaches, because they have done what they believed in. You too, can do what you believe in. So, motivate yourself. Each of us has a different source of motivation - some of us get motivated by a cup of coffee, some of us by music, money, long walks, bicycle rides, reading, or maybe a good old motivational quote hung on the wall. To set the mood for studying, do what motivates you.

3. Organization is the Destination

Organization in the study is the real destination an ACCA student should always look to arrive at. #ACCA online study requires a lot of effort, determination, planning, note-taking, discipline, time management, and dedication. If the learner misses even one class, they can lag far behind. Such is the curriculum if you have seen one of the #ACCA lectures. This is where stationeries will also actually count. Use highlighters, markers, papers, pens, flashcards, sticky notes, etc. Organize your study materials. An ideal student has been revising every lesson or concept the very day it is taught and keeps their notes organized, categorically according to the chapters and topics. This would save ample time and energy during revision sessions.

4. Take A Break

The best therapy is to unwind and take a break. It is improbable that anyone can go on working for straight 9 or 10 hours without breaks, and we’ve definitely heard ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Well, all of us understand that. ACCA students are loaded with the pressure of cracking 15 Examinations, and they absolutely deserve a break every 4 hours. Or, as is convenient to each student. Contrary to popular belief, taking regular breaks from studying helps one stay focused for long periods. Depending on one’s schedule, ACCA students can plan revision hours for 3 hours and then take a 20-minute break every 3 hours so that it refreshes the mind and helps retain information without cramming too much in one go.

5. Teaching is Learning

One of the best ways for learning is teaching someone. #ACCA videos can come in handy for this. One can download the study materials and access them according to their convenience or comfort, keep them stored on a drive or mobile device, and then utilize the free time to continue learning. Once a topic is covered, the learner can revise the subject or topic by teaching their peers, friends or colleague, and in this way, the process can be repeated until the learner masters the specific topic. In #ACCA online study, this becomes all the more beneficial as one can participate in online forums and initiate discussions as well as solve questions, thus finding a 24/7 revision platform assisting in their ACCA Examinations preparation.

6. Self Test your way to Success

The last revision technique you ought not to miss is Self-testing, i.e., solving mock test papers. This comes at the end of all your preparations, in the final segment of your revision schedule just a week ahead of your ACCA Examination dates. You must be wondering where to get mock papers that test how well equipped you are to score like a pro, so right here we are going to suggest you the best - #Study ACCA with Global APC and literally, get success delivered at your doorstep as ours is a credible, hardworking and promising team of professionals who make sure our learners receive the best study material and pass ACCA with flying colours. You can check our website and find that our study pool is continuously updated and our resources always match the current examination patterns, so whichever batch you appear for, be assured that with Global APC, your ACCA Certification isn’t far away!

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