Can ACCA course training be claimed against taxes?

The list of subscription fees of different professional organizations and journals relating to ACCA has been currently updated.

According to the HMRC, 'you can reclaim the tax you pay on fees or subscriptions to selective and approved professional organizations - but only if you must have a membership to do your job or it's helpful for your work'.

HMRC also offers other benefits that include flat-rate deductions, and all of these are usually sent to the employees working in different departments. Moreover, if the occupation is not on the list then, the employee can claim up to £60 annually in the form of tax relief. Also, if the said employee fills the form P87, then he can also request an allowable outlay that should be under £2,500.

Can a candidate train for ACCA without any kind of previous experience?

Things to look at before studying ACCA:

● Anybody from any field is allowed to study ACCA, even though you may be new to finance, banking and accounting, or you may have previous experience and qualifications regarding the subject.

● As mentioned earlier, you have some early qualifications in the subjects; you may be exempted from some of the exams.

● ACCA opens various opportunities, including the financial field.

If you are already a working or new to the field, ACCA can help you lift your career by many folds. Therefore, if you pursue ACCA, that will be your best career choice.


If you are an upcoming entrepreneur who wants to excel and expand your business, the ACCA FIA course will surely help you gain enough experience and knowledge to empower your business single-handedly. The course will also help you make smart decisions for your businesses. Small business owners are required to have skills such as company law, ethics, preparing accounts, corporate governance and budgeting. The ACCA course will provide you with these necessary skills.

Associated with a business

As mentioned earlier, anyone who is interested in ACCA can study for the course and sit for the examination. If you have some preceding qualification, it can give you a headstart, and you won't have to sit for all the ACCA exams.

New students without any prior knowledge will have to start with ACCA FIA qualification; it will give them the necessary knowledge and foundation in the world of business and finance. The course can be both studied as a standalone course or the foundation course for ACCA Professional Qualification.

You will develop an excellent foundation in key areas of business and finance, including – essential skills for any small business owner.

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